Google Cloud Platform Security Audit

Our Security Audit Methodology Keeps The Applications On Google’s Cloud Security Platforms Secure.



Our experts at NGT provide complete security solutions for your applications and services on GCP (Google Cloud Platform). We arrange various audits and analysis to identify any vulnerability in your cloud-based systems. It requires examining various aspects such as type of network traffic, application’s settings and configurations, threat vectors, database security, and other related data to have a detailed examination of the system.

A careful analysis is led by an audit report which mentions complete details and suggestions on how to improve your cloud-based networks. Like other web-based services, Google cloud services also comes up with default security features. These features require proper understanding and implementation to ensure a secure cloud workplace. Being an experienced and expert security solutions provider, NGT will take care of all those tiny details which are often left untreated. 

We understand that every business has its own specific needs, and they can also customize cloud services accordingly. Customized services and applications are more vulnerable to malfunctioning; therefore, we audit your business model specifically according to your modifications. Our team of experts will help you spot any loopholes and will train your team to reduce network errors.

 Our audit services include

  • Google Cloud Anthos
  • GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine)
  • Google Cloud Run
  • Your business specific needs


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