Software Teams

A platform for outsourcing software teams to reduce efforts on their recruitment and training.


NGT provide outsourcing services for your business since we have developed and state of the art software team facility. This prevents your business to develop a whole new department which includes recruitment of fit for job candidates, their training and development, developing supervisory bodies and a lot more managerial aspects.

NGT will take care of all the work for your business since we are experienced and trusted software solution providers. Our services will give you fruitful solutions without the need to expensive and often fruitless hiring of people. This is among the most effective methods to tackle your software team requirements.


At NGT, we value our client’s specific business needs and provide cost effective and efficient solutions. NGT believes in innovation and we provide more optimal structures to enhance productivity. We reduce any unnecessary tier of operators which not only reduce cost but also saves valuable time.

NGT values transparency, which is why our facilities are certified and audited by a reputable
audit company. Experts design our policies and procedures because we aim to meet high-level
precision in our routine operations.

With 50+ years of combined engagement experience based on practice, successful implementations and happy customers, we know our job!

Benefits we offer

Talent acquisition

We ensure to acquire best talent for your team who are industry experienced, certified, and equipped with skills to work in dynamic business environment.

Technology Scaling

Our team helps your organization in identifying and managing its IT and engineering needs which can always change with your business.


Quick and fast delivery of services is our bench mark since we assign dedicated teams to your business.


NGT values quality and performance delivery

Agile Implementation

We ensure agile yet comprehensive solutions to enhance timely performance and productivity of your business.


We are trusted by our clients because of our excellence driven strategies and a team of wonderful people from across the world.

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