The Specialists Provide Comprehensive Security Services For The Web, Mobile, And Cloud-Based Applications.

Applications are essential to today’s digital environment and are being widely used across the world. Along with their extended functionalities, they are subject to cyber-attacks. It is crucial to understand that every application uses a different programming language and has specific features. This makes it more critical to ensure the security of these applications.

NGT helps you with a more specific and detailed assessment of both mobiles based and web-based applications. We analyze your customized applications according to your business requirements and provide appropriate security solutions.

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1- Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

Our team of application security experts at NGT uses various SAST tools to assess your vulnerabilities and malfunctioning applications. Our static application security testing or white box testing allows you to ensure the security and flaw assessment of both early stages and after production stages.

2- Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

We review your applications from a hacker’s perspective to have a compact analysis from various aspects through our dynamic security testing or black-box testing. During black box or dynamic testing, the application’s secure code assessment is not available. This type of testing is suggested to use at various application production stages, depending on your business-specific needs.

3- Application Penetration Testing

Using OWASP’s practices for application penetration, we simulate an attack on your applications are some hackers would do. This is very similar to the Dynamic Application Security Assessment (DASP). In this practice, we try to penetrate deeply into your systems and procedures. This allows our security experts to analyze any loopholes in the architect of your application. A comprehensive analysis report is made; as a result of helping secure your systems.

4- API Security

NGT provides complete API security to your applications. APIs may be the most vulnerable aspect of your application since hackers use it to enter your system more frequently than other tools. We conduct a complete assessment of your API gateways, API management, encryptions and signatures, API key, authentications, OIDC (Open ID connect), etc. This is followed by suggestions and measurable actions to ensure that no loophole is left untreated.

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