Mobile Application Security & Device Assessment Services For All Organizations.


Technology is dominating most of the business activities, and the digital business environment is growing very rapidly. With more user-friendly options being introduced, cybersecurity also becomes an evolving challenge.


Mobile-based applications are being introduced to businesses at a very rapid rate. Employees use these applications at places away from offices. This, on the one hand, is very efficient, but it also requires very careful data management. Most of the company’s data is now accessible to employees anywhere in the world. This leaves room for potential data theft and leaks.


NGT will provide consultation and services on designing a mobile application security strategy working closely with your business. To what extinct company’s data should be available on mobile applications? Who can have access? These many questions are to be answered in order to ensure your cybersecurity.

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1- Mobile Application Security Assessment

Our experts will work with your business to assess your mobile applications and their usage. They will conduct source code reviews to ensure the authentication of application if they are appropriate for security standards.

We suggest using end to end encryption and integration to identify communication with other apps. It also helps ensure secure data flow to other services. We use various manual and automated tools to ensure the proper assessment of vulnerabilities.

2- Mobile Device Management Assessment

MDM (Mobile device management) equip IT personals with more options to manage and secure mobile application data. A complete analysis of various devices, such as mobiles, tablets, and laptops, needs to be done.

Our mobile security experts will help you design mobile device management policies according to industry best practices to ensure data safety and minimizing vulnerabilities. Data authorization and authentication policies also require to be aligned with business operations, and any unnecessary action must be eliminated. 

Benefits of Mobile Security Assessment


Timely identification of vulnerabilities and loopholes

Complete Guidance

Expert guidance on improving your mobile application security

Cost Effective

Eliminating need of hiring full time experts which reduces cost of project