Instant Handling Of Cyber Forensic Matters, From Identification & Performing Safety Measures


What is Digital Forensic?

Like any other criminal activity, digital crimes also leave footprints and evidence. Whenever a fraudulent activity is done, it uses various systems and digital actions such as emails,
transactions, document extractions, etc. These activities help cybercrime experts to identify
malicious activities and personals behind them. It also allows your infrastructure to take
preventive measures against these activities.

Types of Digital Evidences

Email Messages

Text Messages

Instant Message Files

Documents Extracted from Hard Drives

Electronic Financial Transactions

Audio & Video Files

NGT uses its vast experience of working with security sensitive infrastructures will help your organization through following process

Cyber Incident Response

At NGT, our seasoned cybersecurity experts provide a proper security plan for your
organization. A cyber-attacks can always happen, which makes it very important to stay ready and proactive. In the case of a cyber-attack, our team confirms and ensures that it is confused with a malfunctioning or error. Upon confirmation of the attack, our team promptly respond and identify the specific areas of target and secure the facility. Securing the systems and infrastructure is led by a forensic analysis
to collect evidence about any possible internal or external involvement. Our experts gather complete forensics to work further.

Our Process

Preparation for Handling Incidents

Handling incidents require a team that consists of forensic experts, digital security experts, and managers from the organization who predict and plan an action plan in response to any cyber-incidence. Our team will help your organization with this process.

Identification and reporting

Any incidence must be identified for specific areas of target and data breaches and reported to the concerned team.


This helps to mitigate any future attacks and securing the areas of vulnerabilities. Our team provides a comprehensive plan for ensuring secure infrastructure.

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