Financial Fraud Risk Assessment

Financial security solutions to prevent fraudulent activities


Financial fraud in digital infrastructures is increasing and causing significant damage to
revenues. Hackers are attempting different methods to breach your financial security. NGT has vast experience of working for its clients from the financial sector. We have seasoned experts and secure facilities to prevent data and information. Our financial security experts will give you a detailed assessment of your systems.

Our process

Transaction Analysis

Our experts will work with your team to simulate various possible fraudulent activities and
transactions. This helps to identify the vulnerabilities and loopholes in the systems. Any action, if detected timely, can save bigger damage. We use various tools to highlight these issues to ensure that your systems comply with industry best practices.

Risk Analysis & Fraud Scenarios

Various activities can be conducted by people involved in a financial breach that needs to be
identified. Such as,

  • Understated receivables
  • Double credit notes
  • Hacking accounting systems
  •  Extended payables
  •  Control insufficiency
  •  Transaction changes


After a detailed analysis of your systems and activities, our experts will develop a complete
report on actions required to ensure your financial security. Our strategies are focused on the
timely detection of any potentially fraudulent activity, effective response to minimize damage,
and prevention in the future.

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