Managed Services

Let a dream team of engineers do the heavy lifting


Managed teams are there to help in developing or upgrading your business. Any business requires experts who can design and run a new business or up-gradation process. Hiring new people for this on-time job can be very costly and difficult to manage. NGT’s managed services will take care of your needs. Either you need full-time or short-term employees, we can help.

Managed teams are solution to efficient and cost effective management solutions since our team is experienced and will use their industry knowledge to best design your strategy. This not only accelerates your processes but also ensure that it is being led by people who know their job. Our teams consist of people who are motivated and willing to work at any capacity.

Here are few benefits of bringing
Managed teams into the fold

Talent acquisition

We ensure to acquire best talent for your team who are industry experienced, certified, and equipped with skills to work in dynamic business environment.

Technology Scaling

Our team helps your organization in identifying and managing its IT and engineering needs which can always change with your business.


Quick and fast delivery of services is our bench mark since we assign dedicated teams to your business.


NGT values quality and performance delivery

Agile Implementation

We ensure agile yet comprehensive solutions to enhance timely performance and productivity of your business.


We are trusted by our clients because of our excellence driven strategies and a team of wonderful people from across the world.