Organizations across the world use SharePoint services for their data management, data sharing, and storage. It provides various features to support your business operations, but it also makes it critical to ensure safety and security. Your organization’s essential and sensitive data may be stored in it.

Our team of experts will provide you with a complete assessment of your SharePoint security and management. We review your business’s specific needs and assess the SharePoint security accordingly.  

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    Process we follow


    It involves using various manual and automated tools to assess the vulnerabilities and loopholes in your SharePoint system.


    The gathered information is then thoroughly reviewed and analyzed according to industry best practices.


    Assessment and analysis are followed by a comprehensive strategic plan and suggestions which are practical and efficient.

    Ensuring various security checks

    • SharePoint version in use
    • Security configuration settings
    • Default permissions
    • User enumeration
    • Architect review
    • Data classification
    • Security settings
    • Penetration test