Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is an important person to hire for a business whose operations deal with the digital environment. For small and medium organizations, this can be an expensive hire considering budget and resource constraints. NGT provides a solution for this by providing CISO as a service. This prevents the need for your business to hire a full-time person for the job.

Our experienced and trusted CISOs provide excellent consultation and services using their vast industry-based knowledge and experience. They stay updated on the ever-changing digital business environment because of their experience of working with various companies. We also provide virtual CISO services for your business. Our professionals perform various tasks such as threat monitoring, assessment for vulnerabilities, risk calculations, and other functions.

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Gateway Security Audits
Our experts analyze your URL filtrations, data theft prevention, malware code detection and various other tools.
Virtual CISO
Virtual Chief information security officer can be very cost effective and more efficient for your business since they are trained to work in multiple business environments.
Security consultation
Our CISO will always give suggestions and consultations according to your business’s specific requirements.

Services Offered

As part of the service, our Virtual CISO team will help you with the following services


Developing a security roadmap

Developing remote and hybrid security teams

Reviewing and optimizing policies and procedures

Reviewing security architecture, configurations, and code

Ensuring compliance with mandated and recommended security standards

Submitting periodic reports on operational security

Monitoring, investigating and responding to security incidents

Administering and implementing an Information Security Management System

Conducting risk assessment

Conducting periodic vulnerability assessments

Researching industry trends

Advising the C-Suite on security matters

Providing flexible services based on your business needs

Building a team to perform 24/7 monitoring

Providing prompt and reliable telephone and email support for security-related matters etc..