BI DWH Services


BI/DWH Strategy

Determine clients BI/DWH strategy, including architecture blueprints, tool selections, organization & data governance, business case and roadmap.

BI/DWH Maturity Assessments

Assess clients current BI/DWH maturity and determine their ambitions for the future.

Key Performance Indicator design

Help clients pinpoint the metrics and measurements that can drive business value.

BI/DWH Implementations

Help clients develop and implement an information architecture that supports data warehousing, reporting and analysis.

Dashboards / Reporting/ Development

Hep clients to develop canned reports, Dashboards and support the content for ever changing business needs.

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// To resolve urgent BI problems quickly

Expert - BI Troubleshooter

Do you have a very urgent BI problem, which is proving difficult to resolve, and which is adversely affecting your business?

Is your current BI maintenance too high?

  • Are your users complaining about functionality?

  • Are you confident in the accuracy of your data?

  • Do you find holes in your data?Perhaps it’s a technical problem with symptoms like poor performance, inconsistent results, weak tool integration or even complete system crashes. Perhaps you’ve tried resolving the problem in-house, sought help from your regular third party developer or even consulted with Business Intelligence product vendors

If you’ve reached this point, then you probably need our help. We believe the answer lies in experience. We have twenty years of it. We believe Business Intelligence problems fall into patterns – and so do the solutions.

Call NGTSol Consulting and request to speak to one of our BI consultants, or simply fill out the easy enquiry form and one of our consultants will call you back.

// For your Existing BI and EPM systems

BI Health Check

NGTSol Consulting offers a BI Health Check that will review your current BI Solution and give you a clear and concise picture of your business’s actual BI environment including:

Business Intelligence (BI) or Data Warehouse (DW) strategy

  • DWBI architecture

  • Models and databases

  • Data integration processes

  • Information delivery and BI toolsets

  • DWBI management and governance models

  • Information management processes and business engagement processes

  • Level of business engagement

  • Comparison and gap analysis against industry best practice

  • Reduced risk from a time-boxed service designed to provide high impact recommendations on how to maximize the return on your BI investment

Meet with our Business Intelligence experts and consultants and discuss key points for your business. We will review and explore your key business objectives and analyze your current Business Intelligence functionality. We will give you realistic recommendations and a roadmap on how best you can move forward.

//For an informal BI chat with us

Free Discovery Workshop

Book one of our FREE half-day workshops and spend time with us in an informal format to discuss topics covering:

  • Project Objectives

  • Current Position

  • Challenges

  • High Level Requirements

  • Timescales and Budgets

  • Resources

  • Technologies

  • Risks

  • Next steps

//Define and better utilise

Information Systems Strategy

We can work with you to help you define and better utilise your data. We cover all aspects of the Business Intelligence domain including:

  • Data Warehousing

  • Data Quality

  • Transformation Solutions

  • Architecture

  • Security

  • Dashboard and Scorecards

  • Reporting and Analysis

  • Collaboration

  • Centres of Excellence

  • Best Practices

//For objective software Selection

BI Software Evaluation

Too many data information systems projects start with a chosen software product before requirements and expectations have been defined. We prefer to be involved with you at the evaluation and selection stage. After all, the wrong tool will result in a disappointing result. We are not aligned to a particular vendor, so can be an objective party in this process.