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Human resources are the most critical asset of any organization, and we take this very seriously. We provide various staffing options to our clients, including long and short term hire, contract hire, and offshore hiring. Our HR department makes sure to select the best resources for your team and ensure that the client’s specific needs are entirely met.

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Screening & background check

Every candidate at NGT has to go through an intensive screening process where all the relevant documents, including degrees, certificates, and experience and reference letters, are cross verified to ensure the selection of the best candidates. Criminal records and behavioral checks at previous organizations are also made a part of our process.


All of our staff has a minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree from a reputable institute while most of our team has a master’s degree in relevant fields. We always appreciate extra certifications and qualifications, which make them fit for the job. We prefer candidates with high level soft and hard skills to ensure a smooth experience in quality IT services.

Certified and experienced

Our resources are certified and experienced in relevant industries such as Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP, PMP, ITI, etc. We also hold various cognitive ability tests before taking them on board. Relevant industry experience of a minimum of three years is also a part of our recruiting process.

Training and development

NGT’s idea of being an innovative and efficient organization is hardly possible without its employees’ capacity building. Regular on job training programs are conducted to stay up to date to an ever-changing business environment and enhance our resources’ capacity. New incumbents always go through training and mentorship sessions to ensure that they’re well equipped with all the necessary tools to provide the best and efficient customer services.

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