Cloud Services

Cloud services deployment requires experts to effectively develop an infrastructure for data centers and robust cloud since this requires more than a regular or strategic IT plan. NGT understands the complexity and developing products according to emerging market requirements. Our facility is equipped with a team of experts, including Network Engineers, Architects, and Technology experts. We can work on a project starting from conceptual design to a fully operational data center and cloud infrastructure.

Achieve more with cloud

If you are a business with increasing demands of bandwidth, NGT can help your business grow by moving to cloud services.

With our cloud services, businesses can come out of their constraints and develop with a more virtual IT infrastructure. Operating the software through cloud services makes a user independent of its operating system requirements since the computing work is done on cloud computing.

By using the credentials from the cloud service provider, users can work without the constraints of data and memory of personal computers and can be done securely.


At the click of a button you can add or remove employee seats, meaning you can adapt and grow with ease.

Reduced IT cost

Rather than paying huge sums for tech up-front, cloud subscriptions mean you only pay for what you use.

Software Integration

It’s much easier to integrate IT from different providers into your cloud environment than on-premises.

More Secure

Cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft invest heavily in their cloud network’s security.