Effective Training Programs For Developers And Non-Developers To Deal With Cyber Incidents


Why Security Training?

On the one hand, technology transformations in business operations are facilitating its users but
come with security challenges. Cybersecurity is of primary importance to ensure smooth
business practices. No strategy yields desired results if not implemented properly.
Our security team at NGT will not only help your business to develop and implement security
protocols but also provide training on the optimal utilization of these strategies and tools. Our
security experts will help you analyze and mitigate security issues in your systems. Our primary
goal is to maximize the security of your cyber environment.

Why NGT's Security Team

NGT’s training team consists of experienced and well equipped with industry practice. We
design various interactive capacity building training programs for your network team. Our goal is to train your team with all the necessary tools to ensure your business environment’s cybersecurity. Our services offer you

Hands-on practice

Real-world cybersecurity assessment

Training by experts

Courseware material

Cybersecurity training for the higher team

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    NGT aims at guiding business on real-world practices and methods such as

    Developer’s training

    Customized applications, according to business-specific needs, is positively trending. It is important to note that applications are at high risk of cyber-attacks since they are developed in different programming languages. Our experts will train your developers to ensure using best practices. They will guide them about basic and vital security protocols to follow while developing applications.

    Non-technical Training

    To ensure the safety of your cybersecurity, the non-technical team also requires basic training on security protocols to minimize the chances of a security breach because of human error.

    To attain this, we render comprehensive training to make you establish a secure and safe cyber environment for your business. To find out more about our Security Trainings, email us at [email protected] or call us at 800-683-6283