A complete guide from identifying compromised information to resolution steps

Our security team will assess your IT infrastructure and detect if any security breach or attempt was made with or without your knowledge. It includes calculating and analyzing the level of damage done to your systems and if any information was leaked. Our experts highlight the indicators of compromise to prevent any future cyber intrusion to your systems.

Process we follow

Identifying Indicators of Compromise (IoCs)

The first step of ensuring your cybersecurity is a comprehensive identification of Indicators of compromise. For which our experts will deeply analyze all the tools, including SIEM, Intrusion detection, and intrusion prevention tools, etc. We also use various other tools to leave no loophole in the system.

Identifying compromised assets

Our IoC analysis is led by a report identifying the assets which were effected or compromised during the security breach.

Analyzing the nature and impact of an attack

A detailed analysis of the nature of the attack on your infrastructure and its impact on your information and systems helps our expert identify the attack's purpose. This also highlights the system’s vulnerabilities and loopholes. It helps identify which essential or sensitive data was lost during the breach will allow your organization to take relative preventive measures.

Assessment report

All the processes are concluded in the final report, including preventive measures and security protocols to follow in the future. From problem identification to resolution, our experts will work with your team to ensure your digital infrastructure's security.

Preparing the final report

Finally, our security team prepares a comprehensive report detailing the:

  • Nature of the compromise
  • The systems and data affected by the breach
  • Its possible repercussions
  • The immediate action necessary for damage control
  • The remediation steps to plug the security holes that allowed the attack
  • Recommendations for preventing malicious activity in the future.

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