ServiceNow Migration Services

NGT can help your business to transfer your systems to better and upgraded versions of ServiceNow

We ensure a smooth transition of your with minimal impact on your routine activities.


  • 50 years of combined engagement experience in ServiceNow services
  • Certified and experienced team
  • Innovative model reducing unnecessary operating tiers

Services we offer

NGT provides a complete solution for your ServiceNow migration plan

  • Problem identification in older systems or versions of ServiceNow solutions. 
  • Consultation on a smooth and uninterrupted process optimization strategy.
  • Configuring your customized applications and ServiceNow features to enhance the functionality of your solution.
  • Selection of best migration strategy without affecting routine operations.
  • Data migration planning by keeping other management systems in your organization, such as cloud services, email services, CRM tools, etc. in the loop to prevent any disturbance.
  • We design your ServiceNow solutions according to your specific needs since we understand that every business may have a particular process and guidelines.
  • Training and system development for your team to enhance their performance and service functionality.
  • Support services after project delivery to ensure your team doesn’t face any problems in understanding or implementing the newer solutions.

Migration consulting services

  • We explain and train your team to help them understand the new features added to your solution.
  • Our experts will analyze the scope of the migration project.
  • While developing new solutions, we continually engage with your team to ensure that their needs are communicated effectively.
  • Quality assurance is our primary importance for us while releasing new features and applications.

We can help you migrate from

  • Complicated legacy ITOM & ITSM system.
  • Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR).
  • Zendesk, Axios, Assyst, JIRA, and Assyst.
  • Podio, ProofHub, EventCollab, Basecamp, and other project management systems.
  • Salesforce, Live agent, and other customer support management tools
  • HR Management tools such as Sharepoint, WebHR, etc.

Iterative development + rapid solution change

We implement the largest chunk of the required functionality as the time allows until your old system’s contract or subscription expires. At go-live, you stop using your old system and we move all features, processes, and functions to ServiceNow. Then, we support and evolve your ServiceNow solution further.
Note: This strategy eliminates the need to work parallel with two systems, but more training is required for users to adapt to a rapid change of tools.

The costs associated with migrations can be overwhelming. We help you curb these costs by implementing the latest features during one-time migration with update assistance of only the requisite features that need performance boost.

Since ServiceNow annually has two new releases filled with innovative functionality, 88% of ServiceNow customers choose to stay on the last two releases and face the need to frequently run release migration, which sometimes can require a lot of time (over 100 days for one complex migration project). To cut release migration costs, our experts reduce the time needed for each release upgrade by applying a structured approach to migration and using ServiceNow Automated Test Framework.

ServiceNow Migration Process

Our team of experts will develop a comprehensive migration strategy according to your business and operations requirements.

Plan 1

Migrating all your data into the ServiceNow system

Plan 2

Any less required data which may be used in the future is saved in a ]n external storage for on-demand access while all the relevant data is updated in the new ServiceNow solution

Plan 3

(Migration from cloud solutions)

While migrating from cloud services, the recent data is transferred to new systems for more optimal service solutions while old information is left in the previous service.

Plan 4

(Migration from on-premises solutions)

While migrating from an on-premises solution, only 3-5 month-old data is transferred to ServiceNow while old data is kept for the legacy system. We can create a link between your old data to review it whenever needed.

Depending on the contract or subscription expiration date of your old solution, we can implement and launch your ServiceNow using any process that is necessary for successfully implementing your new solution, for example: