Enhance your cybersecurity with our ServiceNow
cybersecurity services

Ensuring your cybersecurity is of primary importance in a fast-growing digital economy

  • Put your security operations to perspective and respond to urgent issues promptly to minimize business-critical aftermath of attacks.
  • Scout for and handle deep-lying threats and gain fresh security insights from the security community of your industry peers to raise your threat awareness.

Leveraging a ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps) solution with the help of our ServiceNow implementation services is the best idea if you want to visualize embarking on your implementation journey.

Security operations (SecOps) features

ServiceNow security operations tools such as IAM, DLP, SIEM, etc. makes it more practical to provide a safe and secure digital environment for your business.

Vulnerability identification and resolution

A threat, if detected early, can save from more significant damage. We run a vulnerability scan to identify any loopholes in the system. For the purpose, CMDB (Configuration management database) is used to detect any system vulnerability. Our IT team ensures working on these points and provides efficient resolution to these problems.

Security breach response

In case of any attempt to breach your systems’ security, ServiceNow provides various tools to identify any suspicious activity and make it a priority and assigns this to responders. Our team will promptly respond to any such incidence and work on threat removal.

Trusted information/intelligence circles

At NGT, we value any information or intelligence which can improve the security of your business. Anyone can report suspicious activity through an anonymous and secure network to help our teams detect and eliminate threats faster. We have a vast network of companies that keeps us updated with known issues or risks, and we apply all the security measures to our clients for a better and secure digital environment.

Our Cybersecurity management includes:

  • Vulnerability identification and resolution at the basic and advanced level, depending on your digital systems’ nature.
  •  Security breach response to eliminate threats
  • Threat intelligence to reduce security incidents
  •  Performance checks
  • Configuration compliance

Benefits of ServiceNow SecOps Implementation

To Improve Security Positioning

  • Helps identify threats promptly 

     Reduce response time

     Reduce the impact of a cyber-attack

Our strategies

  • Customized ServiceNow Security Operations
  •  Modification of SecOps processes
  •  Eliminate loopholes and develop service accordingly

Increasing productivity of teams

  • Better task management 
  •  Specified team roles to increase the speed of response
  •  Automated tasks to stop a breach